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I was married for 26 years during which time my husband and I raised my son Glen and, as a great adventure, we sailed around the world as a family for 7 years, visiting 46 countries. Teaching Glen and learning about different cultures gave me a wealth of experience in understanding people. Their hopes, their fears, their dreams and goals.

Kinesiology Perth, Kinesiologist Perth

After my husband and I divorced, I returned to Perth to care for my ageing parents. I have always used alternative medicine where possible and when I discovered the power of Kinesiology almost a decade ago, my life changed forever.

Energised, for the first time in my life by a force greater than myself, I completed my Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Kinesiology. I’ve traveled the world researching, studying and learning about the human system and how Kinesiology can be applied to unleash the body’s innate ability to heal itself. Having worked with hundreds of clients of all ages and all walks of life, I am now proud to be one of the most experienced practitioners in WA.

Kinesiologist Perth Kinesiology Perth

Kinesiology has changed my life both from the wonderful experience of being able to help people who try it and also from the beneIits and growth I have personally received from having Kinesiology.

My Mission is simple: To help as many people as possible achieve their full potential, enrich their lives and create their own abundance and happiness.

To your health!
Gloria Carlson Advanced Diploma of Kinesiology

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