04 Mar Stress and Kinesiology

What is the single most important thing you can do to reduce your stress?

Take Control of your life! How you ask!

First let me explain; Stress is very complex there are a variety of factors that govern it:

  • Increased blood pressure
  • Heart rate
  • Chemical changes that adjust the immune system
  • Vulnerability
  • Coping
  • Problem solving skills
  • Deteriorating health
  • Alcohol and drug taking
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Poor quality of life

These are some of the negative factors that govern stress however there are positive ways to use stress:

  • Athletes for example use stress to get the best performance out of their bodies
  • Executives use it to optimise their business performance
  • Students use it to give them an edge during tests and exams.

What makes some people appear to handle stress better than others? It probably comes down to how much control they have in their lives, their network of friends (I don’t mean how many friends you have on FB), adaptability, optimism, looking after yourself and having fun.

Stress affects the majority of people these days. It is a very fortunate person who does not feel the effects of daily living and has no stress.

Life used to be a lot different for people. There seemed to be more time, we used this time to unwind and regenerate from stressful events. We could go on a holiday and “get away from things” or plan a weekend where we do something that we enjoy… go fishing or camping or a yoga retreat. Today we take our computers and mobile phones with us so we can stay in touch.

But why?

These technologies allow us to take on more and more work, so that even when we go on holiday or take a short break, we feel the need to keep up with business contacts via these communications.

We worry that while we are away someone will muscle in on our contacts or clients or job or even our friends.

Are these thoughts real or have we built them up to be bigger than they need to be.

Stress is different for everyone. What one person finds stressful another gets a buzz from.

Can you reduce your stress! Yes you can; what you need to do is…

Change the way you think about things

How do I do that?

Do you say things like “my boss makes me stressed”?
Is your boss making you stressed or do you just imagine that he does. Therefore he does. Does he seem to pick on you more than others or is that just your perception. Perhaps others are thinking the same thing. The boss doesn’t think he is picking on anyone; he is just trying to get the job done.

“My boy/girlfriend stresses me out”
My boy/girlfriend is always asking me where I have been and what have I been doing and who with. Maybe you feel guilty and that’s why you are stressed, or perhaps your friend is a little insecure so instead of getting angry just reassure them with some TLC.

My wife is always after me to make more money or live in a bigger house.
If you feel under pressure about these things you need to make a plan. Talk to your partner, rather than just getting angry and frustrated because they make you feel you are not providing, when in fact you are doing the best you can.

These thoughts are what we create; we choose to allow these thoughts to generate stress in us. We can make these thoughts bigger than they need to be or we can look at them and turn down the volume.


  • Can help get your thoughts back into perspective.
  • It helps you find compassion for yourself.
  • It helps you see things in a different light.
  • It helps you get a handle on things.

Kinesiology helps reduce the negative, worry noise and get your thoughts under control and so become more optimistic more adaptable and get the fun back into your life.

When Jess came to me she was fed up with just about everything, her job her family and her life in general.

Jess was working in a job, which she liked, but as happens so often these days she was doing not only her job, but another persons who was on maternity leave and so was working extra hours.

After a couple of sessions with me on working on her confidence, Jess told her boss how she was feeling and that she didn’t want to keep working such long hours. Her boss hadn’t realised how the extra work was affecting her, as Jess was not the sort to complain but just got on with the job. He agreed to put on a part timer. After this not only did Jess enjoy her job again but she felt better in the other aspects of her life because she literally had her life back.

Kinesiology is unique as it aids the body’s innate healing intelligence to clear blockages and restore balance, health and vitality.

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