04 Mar Pain and Kinesiology

Pain is a sensation that is triggered in the nervous system.

What can I say about pain? When we have it we certainly know it.

Pain is of course nature’s way of telling us something is wrong somewhere in the body. It could be a tummy ache from eating too much or the pain of an ingrown toenail.

We have all experienced pain in some form or another.

There is acute pain like a twisted ankle. Chronic pain is long term and may be from an injury we have received. It may be from some stress in our body, like tight shoulders or back pain.

The sensation may be constant or it may come and go. You may feel it in your back, shoulder, neck or abdomen or chest. It may be in one place or you may ache all over for example when you have the flu.

Kinesiology can help with pain.

Physical Muscular Pain

Some of our best work is done with physical muscular pain. Treatment of early onset sees results very quickly. Older chronic pain can take some time to shift because of the compensations muscles build up.

What I mean by this is; when a muscle is strained, other muscles around it start helping out, which often makes us think that the pain has gone. But then the other muscles start to hurt because they are doing work that they are not intended to do, and so they start to complain. With chronic pain sometimes all these layers have to be freed up before work can be done on the original injury.

Whiplash is a prime example. It may not appear to be a problem, as it soon feels better and we think it has healed.

The little muscles in the neck have suffered trauma and if this is not cleared up quickly all sorts of shoulder and back pain can result. The original injury may be very old and the neck may not hurt at all but the muscles are suffering and will eventually let you know they have suffered long enough, but most people will not relate this back to the minor car accident they had 20 years ago.

Joint Pain

TMJ or Tempro-mandibular Joint is another area where Kinesiology can help. More often than not stress and the clenching or grinding of our teeth causes this problem.

Knees, shoulders ankles and wrists, can also cause us a lot of pain. Again this is often a muscular, ligament or tendon problem. It could be arthritis or bursitis, which is related to inflammation in the body. Kinesiology can help.

Internal Pain

Internal pain can be a discomfort from over eating resulting in reflux or constipation. It may be menstrual pain. Abdominal pain or bloating can arise from eating foods that we can’t digest properly. Kinesiology can help with all of these.

Pain is relative; we all experience it differently but one thing is for sure it’s our body’s cry for help we should not ignore it.

Jill got hit in the head with a surfboard and was in a great deal of distress. Her x-rays showed nothing wrong but she was in pain and knew something was amiss.

We first worked with her cranial bones and then with her jaw. The third session was working on her shoulder and back muscles because a blow like this affected her whole body not just the injured area.

After 3 treatments she was back surfing. This was an injury that we got early so we got results very fast.

Jill was very grateful; because the doctors had told her she may not be able to surf again. She is a very athletic person and the thought of not being able to be active was causing her a lot of anxiety.

She was actually very surprised that after her sessions how much better she felt in her emotional wellbeing as well as physically. Jill now has regular sessions to keep help her on track.

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