Kinesiology (Kin-easy-ology) provides the assistance it needs to do so quickly and painlessly.
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Kinesiology Perth | Kinesiologist Perth

Physical pain…

You don’t need to suffer from pain. Kinesiology Perth can help:

Colds & flu



Bloating & digestion

Run down

Weight issues

Immune system


Thyroid adrenal




Bed wetting


remember 1 remember pt 2

Emotional upset…

Manage intense emotions. Cope with stress. Live with intention. Kinesiology Perth can help:






Past trauma


Relationship problems


Post natal depression

Feeling lost

Mental health…

Uncover the cause. Discover the truth. Live life with purpose. Kinesiology Perth can help:

Self esteem


Public speaking



Fuzzy thinking

Fears & phobias

Attention defict disorder

Learning difficulties

Obsessive compulsive

Decision making

What’s Kinesiology?

Kinesiology combines eastern holistic healing with western science to uncover the underlying cause and treat the causes of problems in the physical, emotional and mental systems of the body. Experienced Kinesiology practitioners can accesses those systems using a method referred to as muscle monitoring. This muscle monitoring allows the practitioner to discover where there is undue stress in the system, and release it.

Kinesiology is unique as it aids the body’s innate healing intelligence to clear blockages and restore balance, health and vitality.

4 Benefits of Kinesiology

1. Holistic & Natural

Kinesiology is a drug free alternative that considers the whole body including Nutritional, Physical, Chemical & Emotional.

2. Scientifically Proven

Blending Chinese medicine with modern science, Kinesiology harnesses Bio-Feedback through muscle monitoring to identify blockages and enhance performance.

3. Powerful Diagnosis

Physical pain may have an emotional cause, emotional pain may have a chemical cause. Kinesiology looks beyond the symptoms and targets the hidden cause.

4. Empowering

Who are you? Why do you feel and act the way you do? You already have the answers; Kinesiology helps you tune in and listen.


Nicki’s Arthritis & Back Pain

I was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 11, therefore have been living with the pain of this condition for almost 30 years. Kinesiology was suggested by a friend and I have now been seeing Gloria for two years. Regular sessions has helped me stay off medications and only very occasionally do I use an anti inflammatory (usually when I am really stressed).

Kinesiology helps keep my emotional level under control and thereby reduces my pain and inflammation.

18 months ago I damaged my lower back and as a result of this suffered from sciatica pain. Pain medication did not seem to help and after two Kinesiology sessions the sciatica disappeared and has not returned.

Both my husband and 7 year old daughter have regular Kinesiology sessions and the results speak for themselves.

Kara’s Miscarriage Grief

I first visited Gloria after being referred by a friend who was having Kinesiology balances for depression. I was feeling very distrort and angry after I suffered a miscarriage. Kinesiology helped me move forward and I became less stressed which helped me relax about getting pregnant and also at work.

Within 9 months, after working on my hormones, I was pregnant again. Gloria balanced me all through the pregnancy keeping my stress levels at bay and I managed to work up to 4 weeks before the birth. My beautiful baby is happy and content and I’m sure this is because I am relaxed and coping well. I don’t know how I would have coped without having regular sessions with Gloria.

Thank You!

Nicolie’s Fatigue & Stress

I have been having regular sessions with Gloria for the past 6 years. During this time we have worked on a variety of issues depending on what was going on in my life at the time.

She has helped me though very stressful times by balancing my adrenals and the patterns of my reaction to situations to help me resolve the issues I am struggling with at the time.

We have balanced my thyroid gland and digestive system to help boost my energy, When I get low back pain, a good balance has helped eliminate the pain or stiffness.

I highly recommend Gloria as a kinesiology practitioner, my life is richer and I am healthier and more successful because of the balances I have had with Gloria in the past 6 years.

Photos and names have been changed for the clients privacy.

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“Gloria’s training makes her one of the most highly trained Kinesiologists in WA. Her success as a kinesiology practitioner has made her an outstanding teacher/tutor in the college.”

O'neil College of Kinesiology

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“I have been trying to become pregnant and had tried everything. I gave Gloria and Kinesiology a try. After 2 sessions, I felt great and after 4 sessions fell pregnant. I’m very excited and grateful.”


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“Gloria helped me find my happiness again. After trying to become pregnant, I would struggle seeing friends and family with children. I now enjoy my precious time with family and friends and little ones.”


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Kinesiology Perth | Kinesiologist Perth

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